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Bid for You
  • How to determine the status of the product?
  • What's the difference in between two types of bidding method?
  • How to increase my bidding price on an auction?
  • What's the amount for the minimum bid increment?
  • Know Sellers' information to avoid disputes.
  • Domestic Shipment
  • Which domestic shipping method in Japan is unable to be chosen and why?
  • When and How to Make Bidding Order Payment
  • Could I cancel my bid after the auction has been won?
  • Warning when the price listed is tremendously lower than the market value?
  • How do I know if the seller has set a reserve price?
  • Same Seller - Save service fee and Japan domestic shipping fee
  • Can you ask seller questions for me?
  • Can I cancel the order after I place a bid?
  • Is there any restrictions on goods for shipping to my place?